Editorial: Time to move on!

Editorial: Time to move on!

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - I personally loath the notion of losing. No matter what the circumstance, losing does not come easy to me. But, if I lose at something, or I make a mistake, I am the first to take full ownership.

This is something Hillary Clinton apparently was not taught, or worse yet is incapable of doing.

Hillary Clinton's latest book "What Happened" provides a detailed examination of a loser in denial. Her book cites no less than 30 reasons as to why she lost the election to Donald Trump.

Some of the reasons she claims she lost are: misogyny- people afraid to vote for a woman. Maybe there is truth to this, but in this case I honestly think people didn't want to vote for her!

She also believes women did not vote for her because their husbands told them not to. Really?

Bernie Sanders was cited as a reason for her loss. She blames women who marched after the election in solidarity, wondering where their passion and votes were during the election. She blames James Comey, Benghazi, revised voter laws in states like Wisconsin, which resulted in lower voter turnout for her.

I don't suppose the fact that she didn't visit the state after the primary had anything to do with her losing there.

She now has mentioned she might consider contesting the election. She keeps citing the popular vote, but our founding fathers were brilliant in devising the electoral college to prevent single large states from determining a national presidential victor.

I think Bernie Sanders answers Hillary's accusations best by saying she lost to the most unpopular candidate ever in the history of US elections. She needs to move on and let it go!

And Bernie should know he lost to the second most unpopular candidate ever to run for president of the United States.

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