Editorial: Preying on the grieving

Editorial: Preying on the grieving

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The Alabama Board of Funeral Service has received statewide reports of individuals who do not work for a funeral home, contacting families who are currently experiencing the loss of a loved one and requesting money be paid for services and merchandise.

These degenerates are calling families representing themselves as employees of the funeral home, stating that the family needs to pay additional money for caskets, cemetery items, shipping and a host of other charges.

They go on to ask the grieving families to bring the additional money to the parking lot of the funeral home after business hours or go to a local business and wire the money.

There are also reports that these criminals are asking families to give credit card information over the phone to cover these charges.

It sickens me to think anyone could stoop this low and prey on a family who has just lost a loved one…but to this group of crooks obviously nothing is considered sacred.

The Alabama Board of Funeral Service encourages families to contact the funeral home directly or go to the funeral home during regular business hours and speak to the funeral director when they receive any suspicious calls. They also ask that these types of calls be reported to the local authorities.

When these crooks are apprehended and found guilty I wonder if a jail cell is really where they should serve out their sentence.  They might be able to retrofit a casket with a tiny toilet, cot and bars. Just a thought.

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