Elmore County Students Could Have Option to Transfer

Four Elmore County schools have an uncertain future. "I am the optimist, but i am also tempering that with a great deal of realism," says Superintendent Jeff Langham.

Wetumpka Junior High, Wetumpka Intermediate, Millbrook Middle Junior High and Eclectic Middle schools were categorized needs improvement last year under the "No Child Left Behind Act". If one of those schools is placed under needs improvement again, students have the option to transfer. "We have to anticipate and budget for the prospect of having to physically transfer students outside of their community," says Langham.

The Elmore County Board of Education has already budgeted $85,000 in anticipation they may have to transfer students to another school in the county.

"I won't him to have the best education, says Janice Sears.

Sears has a son at Wetumpka Junior High and another at Wetumpka Intermediate. Depending on the test scores, she may request a transfer. "I would like for them to accommodate the children if they can, it is not their fault," says Sears.

The problem, the deadline to request a transfer is August 4th. The school won't know the test results until the 8th. However, Superintendent Langham is willing to work parents. "There's no question to that," he says.

Although Langham is preparing for the worst, he's still expecting the best. Superintendent Langham says he will send a letter to parents explaining the transfer option.