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Gun Dealer explains "bump-stock" function


As the investigation continues into the mass shooting in Las Vegas, there’s been much public speculation over how the suspect could have had automatic weapons.  While officials haven’t released a detailed list of the weapons confiscated from the hotel room, officials have said that at least two devices were found that will easily turn a semi-automatic rifle into one that can fire much faster.  It’s called a bump-stock device. 

Bump-stock is a general term used for these aftermarket devices offered by different manufacturers.  Essentially, they replace the original stock with a sliding stock and trigger guard.  The recoil action of the gun along with forward pressure applied by the shooter creates a much faster discharge of bullets.

Stan Butler at Mike’s Outdoor Sports in Pensacola is very familiar with how bump-stock devices work and has sold many over the years.  Few stores stock them since their popularity has waned, but he said they’re easy to assemble and can produce the rapid fire effect that some gun enthusiasts want.

“This is typically what the bump-fire type stocks would go on,” Butler said while holding an AR-15 rifle.  “The rear stock comes off.  The bump-fire stock comes on the buffer tube and most of them have a lock of some sort here that lock it to where it won’t function.  It will stay stationary or you can unlock it to where it will slide up and down on the buffer tube.”

With just the simple swap, this relatively cheap part allows this semi-automatic rifle to fire rounds at the staggering rate of more than 500 rounds per minute.

“The idea is when it recoils, it bounces off your shoulder with the pressure forward in your other hand to cycle the next round so it just bumps, but you know, to try and put pressure forward, get recoil all at the same time and try and hold sights on a target is difficult,” Butler explained.

Officials have not yet described the 23 guns were that were found in Stephen Paddock’s hotel room and there’s not yet been any confirmation that the guns used to fire on the crowds were equipped with bump-stocks, only that they were present.

The purchase of full automatic weapons by civilians was outlawed three decades ago, but guns manufactured and registered prior to 1986 were grandfathered in.  To legally purchase those, the buyer has to go through a strenuous background check, wait for up to a year and meet a high price tag of up to $20,000.  

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