Summer Camps


HOOPS CAMP- Call the Franklin Boys & Girls Club at 269-2191, Runs this week only, Cost $20 for members and $35 for non-members of Boys Club, Local coaches are teaching kids basketball techniques

KIDS TECH CAMP- Call Brewbaker Tech School at 284-8005, This camp is for grades 1-3, It started on June, 11th and runs three weeks, Cost-Free

THEATRE CAMP AT ALABAMA STATE UNIVERSITY- Started June 11th and runs for two weeks

CAMP SHEAKESPEARE- Call 271-5345, First session starts July 30th, Second session is August 6th, Runs for two weeks, For 4th-6th grades, There is also a program for high school students

CAMP TUKABATCHEE- Call Montgomery Boy Scouts Office at 262-2697, This camp is for Boy Scouts only

For more information on camps in your area or around the state and U.S. you can log on to the American Camping Association web site. The site list ONLY camps that are certified.