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Kingston Gardens: A place to escape

(Source: WSFA 12 News) (Source: WSFA 12 News)
(Source: WSFA 12 News) (Source: WSFA 12 News)

Leal and Lolita Smith live a split life. They spend most of the year living in Indianapolis but also spend a few months in Prattville. They have more than 30 acres. More than a decade ago they came up with an idea to share their little piece of paradise with others.

“You really have to come here and see it for yourself,” said Lolita Smith.

They named it Kingston Gardens. The mission statement here is pretty simple: To create an annual (now bi-annual) informative celebration of family and neighbors togetherness in the community. And also to support families and neighbors by offering them the opportunity to meet and socialize with other families who share their values.

So basically, a place where everyone can get together, fellowship and relax. They usually do a festival every other October. There won’t be one this year, but still neighbors and friends like to come out to this peaceful playground and just relax.

“We started in 2003 with the first festival,” said Lolita.

When you come out here you’ll find a little bit of everything. There are flags all over the place. There are state flags representing the homes of people who’ve come to visit. There’s also a flag dedicated to the military.

Leal has put up signs all over the property that make you think. They’re kind of like super-sized word games. They have also turned old bikes into yard art. He also has a collection of license plates from all over the country. He also has a unique appreciation for some of his little friends.

“I have a passion for ants,” said Leal Smith. “I just can’t kill them. I just walk away because they have to live here too. Ants are really unique. I like their lifestyle.”

He loves them so much he’s built some ant yard art. He’s hoping these educational insects will help teach others who’ve come to visit. Leal has seen the whole country. Before he retired he drove motor coaches.

During his tour of America he saw some things he really liked. And he’s trying to bring some of that American flavor to his piece of land in Prattville. The Smith’s visit four times a year and said they will let us know if they do a Kingston Gardens festival next year.

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