Editorial: Hurricane Help

Editorial: Hurricane Help

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Irma, Harvey, Maria, and Nate are names which we will not forget anytime soon.  You, our loyal viewers, went above and beyond pledging over $130,000 in funds to help the victims of Harvey and Irma.  Thankfully Nate turned out to be less of a problem for the gulf coast.

Regarding storms, the national media continues to focus on Puerto Rico after they were hit by Hurricane Maria, an island, and commonwealth of the US with almost 3.5 million residents.  The focus continues to be on this island, I think for political reasons, as the mayor of San Juan has criticized the president and FEMA for slow action.

The governor of Puerto Rico has contradicted her statements. The island had never experienced a storm like Maria and was ill-prepared. Their power grid was devastated. That said, they have supplies waiting on boats and on their docks waiting to be distributed. Had they activated all of their 8,000 national guard members instead of 2,400 they might not be in such sad shape.

The U.S. Virgin Islands with St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix where I spent 20 years of my life was hit as hard or worse than Puerto Rico. The three U.S. territories have just about 155,000 residents. They too are without power, water and the necessities of life, and yet we never hear about them.

I have seen footage from friends and the residents are doing as best they can under the circumstances.

I am humbly asking you if you have any more to give, please consider donating to help these islands in crisis.

I recommend going to charitynavigator.org and click on Hurricane Maria.  There you will find a list of rated agencies who will best put your donations to use.

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