MDT Armor An Important Part Of Auburn

They use raw metal, composite materials and ballistic steel. Crafting the highly secure vehicles means taking them apart and then putting them back together, but with a little something extra.

It's like something out of a spy movie. On the outside it looks like any van you would see on any street, anywhere. But inside, it is a different story. The vans, cars and suvs come in with all of the standard equipment, but then they stripped down and turned into armored vehicles that are able to withstand everything from land mine explosions to a bullet from a high powered rifle. That is what is welded inside the vehicles and that is what keeps whoever is inside out of harms way.

And with all of the extra's inside comes a huge weight increase. That is why the tires have to be taken off, re-enforced to handle the extra pounds and put back on. Once all of the parts are put back in, they are ready to be shipped out and many of them will find their way to Iraq and the folks who work there feel good about that.