Loachapoka Students Learn With Fish

It's a real world application of what kids would usually only learn in the classroom. 6th grade teacher Robert Harlan gets a kick out of seeing the kids put on their gloves and gather around to learn a new lesson, a lesson made more fun and effective by taking it outside.

Some Loachapoka Elementary School kids get to hold the fish, weigh them, and then release them into the little pond that was built right behind their school. It is not only about the science and math lessons they can learn, it is about appreciating what farmers go through to get food on Alabama's dinner tables. Harlan says it is a teacher's dream. He is able to engage the kids in lessons that they won't soon forget.

Maybe it is the change of scenery, maybe it's the fresh air, but Harlan says they just seem to retain the information a lot better. Along with the Talapia pools full of little frye and the pond full of catfish all brought in from Auburn University's fisheries research station, there is a lot to learn under the microscope. There is even a nature trail that leads to even more learning and a greater appreciation of nature.