When could Alabama see its first frost?

When could Alabama see its first frost?

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - We're only a few weeks away from Halloween. Local stores are putting out Christmas decorations and here we are still wearing shorts across Alabama.

If climate tells us anything, the next few weeks should feature a significant turn toward cooler weather across the area. Average highs on Thursday are in the upper 70s with lows into the middle 50s. Just one month from now, average highs fall to 70 even and average lows tumble into the middle 40s.

Once those lows start getting that cold, we often get into the conversation of dealing with our first freeze.

The first freeze tends to occur toward the end of October across northern Alabama, generally north of Birmingham. In the Montgomery area, our first freeze averages around Nov. 9th. Much of central Alabama sees its first freeze into early November. South of Montgomery, it's typically middle November when temperatures first dip to freezing.

Remember, we're talking averages, it can happen sooner or it can happen later. This Fall has certainly trended warm so far.

Regardless, the transition from October to November is a time period that often features a noticeable change in our air.

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