Auburn's Toomer's Corner Known Around The World

Every small town goes through change. Some even give in to growing bigger, and less quaint, but not Auburn say the locals and especially not Toomer's drugs. Just ask Bill Puryear, "I came to Auburn in 19-56 or 57. That long ago it doesn't matter." Mr. Puryear is in town again showing off Auburn to his granddaughter, Ann, who is deciding where she'll go to college.

"This is something we had to do before leaving town." That something is drinking lemonade at Toomer's Corner in Auburn. It's made fresh to order every day at Toomer's Drugs. Michael Overstreet is the manager. He says, "It's not your normal lemonade. It's really strong, sweet and sour, and so good you don't want to miss a drop."

Overstreet has seen a lot in only six years on the job, considering he has a perfect view of the most popular and celebratory place in Auburn, Toomer's Corner. Overstreet says, "you have a great vantage point. Anytime something happens here you get a front row seat to it." What happens is a mass tree rolling. Every time Auburn wins a football game, or a title in any other sport, the fans come to Toomer's Corner and roll the trees with toilet paper. It's a tradition that's been happening in Auburn for decades.

Who knows? Maybe next year, Mr. Puryear's granddaughter, Ann, will be part of something an Auburn celebration with 85 thousand of her closest friends. Toomer's Drugs has been here since 19-38. Mr. Purar says the lemonade is just as he remembered it, tangy and delicious.