The Unpaid Members Of Coach Tommy Tuberville's Coaching Staff

Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville has been through a lot in his 7 years as Auburn's head football coach. If you ever want to chat with him about his experiences, you just have to know where to grab a bite to eat.

From the outside, it appears to be an ordinary place to stop in for lunch. The food is legendary and sometime the conversations are even better. At least once a week, Coach Tuberville drops in at Byron's Smokehouse and eats with a few so-called assistant coaches. Tuberville says, "You can ask them. I come whether things are going good or bad." Sometimes they talk football, but usually they are catching up on life. Tuberville says, "I travel a lot. You want to know what goes on, come here to catch up on gossip or truth." The wish-bone doesn't get nearly as much attention at Bryon's as the chicken bone.

Glenn Gulledge is Bryon's owner. He says, "This is our chicken, what coach wants." Tuberville says, "I grew up in a place like this." Coach Tuberville makes it his business to support this town, that has thrown its support behind him. Tuberville says, "It has a good time." He's lived here 7 years now, a lifetime for his children, ages 9 and 11.

Reporter: Kim Hendrix

Tuberville says, "I've bought a farm. I want them to fish and hunt, not sit at an X-Box." With a new 7 year contract ahead of him, Coach Tuberville hopes to call Auburn home for a long, long time."