Auburn Schools Rated Near The Top In The Nation

There are a lot of great reasons people love Auburn. Most parents with school age children love it because of the outstanding public school system. Auburn City Schools rank higher than any other public school system in the country, according to a recent Newsweek magazine poll. It ranked 216th out of 26-thousand public and private schools.

Lynda Rainer is with the school system. She says having Auburn University in town lets them land good teachers for their system. With so many school systems in Alabama struggling, you have to wonder how the folks in Auburn manage to do so well. Rainer says it is simple. "We support it financially, our city is very supportive." In Auburn the taxes for schools are 24 mills, but in Montgomery County for example, it is only seven mills.

Margo Veal is a teacher with Auburn schools. She says, "I love teaching here because parents are so involved. The children are happy, it is a positive environment, and I'm excited." Sonja Taylor is another teacher. She says, "I really enjoy Auburn City Schools, from the administration to co-teachers to parents, the community gets behind you. I think parent involvement is the best thing we have going here at Auburn City Schools."

There are nine schools that make up the school system. Over the next two years It will spend 32-million dollars to build a new elementary school and other improvements.

Here is something you might find interesting. The kindergarten kids spend an entire day learning how to tailgate. That is an important skill, when you grow up in a college town like Auburn.

Reporter: Deloris Keith