Old Auburn Band A Hit

Few things have the staying power of the Auburn Knights, the unofficial, big band - swing band - jazz band of Auburn University.

This year the Knights celebrate their 75th anniversary and the last weekend of July, the group will celebrate seven decades of music. The Auburn Knights began in September 1930 after several dance bands had failed. This time it worked. Year after year, the Knights attracted some of the best talent in the south. They travelled from Atlanta to Nashville, from Memphis to New Orleans and just about everywhere in between.

Jack Dresher and Keith Mcpheeters played in the knights in the 1950's. Dresser remembers a New Year's Eve when the drummer had one too many.

Keith Mcpheeters was perhaps the only non-student to be in the Knights. He taught in the school of architecture and played to earn money for graduate school. Mcpheeters says, "We made good money."

When it comes to famous Auburn Knights alumni, one name stands out. Before she teamed up with the Captain, Toni Tennielle sang with the Auburn Knights in the early 1960's.

Reporter: Bob Howell