Editorial: Montgomery crime

Editorial: Montgomery crime

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Mayor Todd Strange was a bit upset last week when he addressed the crime problems of Montgomery during a news conference. I too am upset because this continues to be an ongoing problem.

Since my arrival to Montgomery in January there have been at least 32 incidents of gun fire within several blocks of this television station located in west Montgomery. One incident left a 14-year-old girl dead and another in the adjoining parking lot left a man shot in the arm.

The mayor is right in stating that crime is down in some instances from last year including non-criminal homicides, felony sex cases, robberies and burglaries - including theft.

However, according to the chief's year-to-date crime comparison through Sept. 30, criminal homicides are up 10 cases over last year.  Aggravated assault is up 151 cases, larceny under $500 is up 393 cases and auto theft is up 32 cases.

The mayor and the police chief have asked the community to help - see a crime report the crime. Know something that could help the police SPEAK up. It is time to rid our city of this plague that is tarnishing this wonderful city. It's time to stand up Montgomery. This is our home, and we need everyone's help clean it up. Crime stoppers offers rewards, but you should want to help regardless just to make our city safer for our families!

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