Editorial: It’s called a drive-thru for a reason

Editorial: It’s called a drive-thru for a reason

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - If you're like me - and for your sake I hope you're not - you are always on the go and often need to swing through a drive-thru for a quick meal. You're thinking: Going through the drive-thru line will be quicker - thus the name.

According to QSR magazine, 57 percent of all transactions at a typical fast food restaurant come through drive-thru lines. It is obviously an important revenue source or why would some chains have installed two drive-thru lanes?

The same report shows that average wait time has increased more than 40 seconds per transaction in the past 10 years. One chain back in 2006 offered a 60-second guarantee or your meal was free, but that quickly went away.

The reason for the increased time is sometimes due to under staffing or poor training at the restaurant, but often it is the customers in the drive-thru lane who can't make up their minds quickly. Let's face it; this is not rocket science. Most times there is a pre-menu board to help you decide before you get to the squawk box.

The entire menu centers on a simple number system - I will have No. 1 with a sweet tea, hold the mustard. That's all one has to do. And yet I have seen cars with up to six people all placing individual orders and none of them knowing what they want. I have seen one person spend 10 minutes trying to figure out what he wants.

Bottom line: If one has all this time to sit in the drive-thru holding the rest of us up, he should either: A. Go online and familiarize themselves with the very simple menu and come back, or B. Go inside restaurant.

It's called a drive-thru for a reason.

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