Editorial: Outcry against killing

Editorial: Outcry against killing

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - I am at a loss for words. I continued to be astounded by the actions of people who have no regard for their fellow human beings.

I will be the first to admit that at times I might lose my temper towards someone else. With that might come a raised voice, gritting of the teeth or, at worst, an expletive or two but I have never and nor can I even comprehend that I could ever be so angry that I would resort to stabbing or shooting someone solely out of anger.

Stabbing someone to the point that that person dies. That has happened at least twice this year in Montgomery alone. The stabbings most times recently are reported as occurring over a dispute. What could anyone argue about that would cause one to pick up a knife and plunge it into another human being?

The same goes with guns. What could anyone argue about that would cause one to pick up a gun and shoot another human being? The answer is nothing, and I mean nothing, should cause a sane person to do this, and yet it occurs.

My next question is: Where has the moral compass gone in these people? Are they so removed from reality that the notion of killing someone means nothing?

Most times the victims are relatives.

I know where we stand on the issue of gun violence, but where is the outcry from the public when a stabbing happens? I never hear a peep from the usual sources, but I am certain if it was a shooting death there would be a demand to get rid of firearms.

Why are these folks quiet when it is a death that is equally horrific?

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