Slocomb police have warning for homecoming pranksters

Slocomb police have warning for homecoming pranksters

SLOCOMB, AL (WSFA) - Slocomb police say this is the first year they've had to send out an extra warning message to students at Slocomb High School about homecoming behavior.

"Generally we can talk to the students themselves and they understand and they take it upon themselves to back down a little bit," said Chief Don White. "But after some recent events of this past week, we decided to reach out to the parents on Facebook and social media and ask them to talk to their young adults."

White says the community doesn't mind students using toilet paper to cover homes but in the past week, the department has gotten reports of more serious pranks that could compromise safety.

"When you pour baby oil on somebody's car or windshield it creates a driving hazard on the road," White explained.

The department says they will have extra patrols out at night and will work closely with school administrators.

"When you go out and do things, you're responsible for your actions. There are consequences for your actions as well," said high school principal B.T. Hinson. "If you're making good choices and decisions, you're going to have good things that come from it."

In the warning message posted on Facebook, the police department reminded students of the consequences that could come from pranks -- including jail time.

"They're not just pulling homecoming pranks, they're committing serious crimes," said the chief, who also noted how what appears to start off as a harmless prank could end tragically for the prankster.

"Someone could get physically hurt if the homeowner thinks they're being burglarized or their items are being stolen. They have the right to defend their property to a certain extent," the chief cautioned.

At this point, there have been no arrests or official police reports filed.

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