ASU remains focused heading into game against Jackson State

ASU remains focused heading into game against Jackson State

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The Alabama State Hornets are on a winning streak for the first time this season, after defeating Alabama A&M 21-16 in the Magic City Classic.

ASU has now won two straight games since Donald Hill-Eley took over the reins as ASU interim head coach. Those two games also happen to be on the road and against conference opponents.

Eley says he thought the defense played well in the Magic City Classic. The defensive line had a stop on the goal line, which changed the outcome of the game. For the offense, Eley says the team performed well to stay ahead in the second half.

"It looks like the young men are getting better week in and week out," Eley said. "We hope it stays consistent as we move into Jackson State this upcoming week."

Regardless of a big win, Eley is looking past it and to the next game. He says the players enjoyed the win on Sunday, but by Monday the team was back at the drawing board and in full practice. Eley says he told them to not let the win from last week cause them to lose this week.

"We haven't even said 'Magic City' in practice," Eley said. "We want to put that focus on what's ahead of them, not behind them."

Eley says Jackson State presents a challenge in size and athletic ability. He says the Tigers have a great defense, which is not indicative of their 0-7 record.

That Jackson State defense has the task of facing Hornets quarterback Darryl "DJ" Pearson, Jr.

Eley has seen an improvement with Pearson, and Pearson knows that he's the guy and no longer has to worry about how many snaps he will get in a game.

"When you're dealing with a team that's looking for consistency, you have to have consistent players in place," Eley said. He also added that the players are responsive to Pearson, which helps the team play collectively.

Kickoff for ASU and Jackson State is 2 p.m. Saturday in Jackson, Mississippi.