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Single man fosters, hopes to adopt 3 siblings

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Ryan and his three foster kids will teach you a little something about life and family.

To his kids, Ryan is so much more than your typical 28-year-old single guy.

Ryan agreed to foster a two-year-old boy back in June, and his plans of being married before becoming a dad went out the window.

"God put it on my heart, why wait?" Ryan said.

Days later, the boy's sisters needed a home, too. So Ryan's heart, and home, grew twice more.

"These kids need someone to love them. They need someone to give them security, to give them a home they feel safe in, " Ryan said. "Over the years I started to realize this is something I could do as a single guy, raise kids in a way that they not only know how much I love them, but how much God loves them."

It took just days for the children, who are one, two and three years old, to love him back. They call him dad.

"They just felt comfortable calling me that, and I didn't want to take that from them because they didn't have that in their life," Ryan said.

Bedtime is a typical crazy mix of brushing teeth, a sudden bad diaper and reading the Bible. He's wise, like he's been doing it forever.

"People are like, 'How do you do it?' I don't know, if you figure it out, let me know because I'm just taking it day by day, winging it," said Ryan.

"He's a very special guy. We're very proud of him," said Donna Seed with Lucas County Children Services. She said dads like Ryan are role models for children who might not otherwise have one.

"I think this is something new. I think we've placed an emphasis that dads can step up and be just as important in the lives of children, and I think society as well," he said. 

Still, the question of dating comes up, and people tell Ryan it is going to be harder to date having three kids.

"I kind of look at it in the way that it weeds out the riff-raff," Ryan said. "I mean, if they're not willing to ask, they're probably not the kind of person I'd date anyways."

Ryan doesn't feel important, or the need to be praised.

"I'm honored, you know. People tell me all the time, 'Oh, they're so lucky to have you.' I don't look at it that way. I'm lucky to have them," he said. "I may not be their father forever, but I'll love them as much as I can while I have them."

The plan is for Ryan to become their forever dad. He's currently in the six-month process of adopting all three children.

Their mother is in jail, pregnant with a fourth child, whom he also plans to foster upon birth and then adopt.

LCCS has established a fund for the children after many requests from those in the community on how to help them. This money will go with the children no matter where they end up.

We hope to keep you updated on their progress toward becoming a family.

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