FarmHouse, Troy complete investigation into fraternity chapter's 'offensive' video

TROY, AL (WSFA) - FarmHouse Fraternity and Troy University have finished an investigation into what some call an "offensive" Halloween skit performed by members of the Troy chapter of the fraternity.

Troy released a statement, saying the chapter has "agreed to complete education and training on the importance of unity, respect and diversity on the campus":

Troy University, in conjunction with FarmHouse International, has completed a review of the circumstances behind the video recorded Oct. 31 at the FarmHouse fraternity house. Troy University does not condone the actions and images depicted in the video, which are contrary to the University's mission as Alabama's International University. Troy University's student population is one of the most diverse and international in the state of Alabama, and TROY is committed to the cultivation of a positive, inclusive environment.
As a result of this investigation, Troy University's FarmHouse chapter has agreed to complete education and training on the importance of unity, respect and diversity on the campus. This will be complemented by acts of service to the University and its students designed to rebuild trust.
We expect our students to adhere to a high standard of understanding and respect for cultural differences. Working with student leaders, the University will be offering new programs to bring students together to increase their understanding and appreciation of one another. Planning for these new initiatives is ongoing and involves student leaders from across the University community.

Farmhouse Fraternity also released a statement regarding the completion of the investigation:

FarmHouse Fraternity has completed its investigation in collaboration with the University regarding the Halloween event hosted by the Troy chapter. The four individuals who wore offensive customers and participated in a culturally insensitive skit have accepted responsibility for their actions, are appropriately remorseful and are ready to use their poor judgement as a learning moment for their chapter and community. The chapter also recognizes the actions of a few have portrayed the organization in a poor light, and have agreed upon a plan with the University and International Fraternity to help provide education to members, as well as continued steps to be a part of a conversation in the community which promotes respect, dignity and unity.

The Troy fraternity chapter came under fire Thursday after a video was recorded at the fraternity house showing someone wearing what appears to be a sombrero, another person dressed as President Donald Trump, and several others surfaced on social media. The person in the Trump costume is shown shouting at the person dressed in the sombrero as he climbs over a brick wall.

At a town hall meeting Friday, many Troy students expressed their opinions and addressed their concerns about the video.

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