Alabamians weigh in on Roy Moore sexual misconduct allegations

Alabamians weigh in on Roy Moore sexual misconduct allegations

MILLBROOK, AL (WSFA) - The Front Porch Grill in Millbrook saw its usual lunchtime crowd Friday afternoon and some of the chatter centered around the controversy engulfing Roy Moore.

An explosive Washington Post article names one woman, Leigh Corfman, who claims Moore made unwanted sexual advances when she was 14. At the time, Moore was a 32-year-old attorney in Etowah County. Three other women mentioned in the article said Moore pursued them when they were teens and he was in his 30s.

Moore is on record denying them all.

Diners at the Front Porch Grill are all saying the same thing. Moore should get out of the U.S. Senate race if the allegations are true. Jim Alexander says IF the allegations are true, Moore should step down.

"What he's accused of is real serious," said Alexander.

"If it's proven it's true, he should drop out," said Jeff Oldnettle.

"I question the timing of it is the only thing. I don't mean to disparage any accuser. It may turn out she's correct, then he knows what he's done," said Joe Mashburn.

"If they prove him guilty, then he needs to get out.. go on and get back on his horse," said David Hood.

David Bedingfield had this to say about Moore's predicament.

"If the allegatiions are true, Roy Moore will make a choice to step down because he is a man that honors God," Bedingfield said.

It's unclear how this will play out with the election slightly more than a month away. What is clear is this political storm raging in Alabama and Washington.

President Trump has called for Roy Moore to give up the senate race if the allegations turn out to be true.

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