Moore denies ever engaging in sexual misconduct in new statement

Moore denies ever engaging in sexual misconduct in new statement

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Senate candidate Roy Moore released a new statement Friday in response to what his campaign called "baseless attacks on his character."

Moore has denied a Washington Post report that he had sexual contact with a 14-year-old girl and pursued three other teenagers decades earlier as an assistant district attorney in his 30s.

As reaction continued to pour in Friday, Moore released this new statement:

"Yesterday, I made a statement that the allegations described in a Washington Post article against me about sexual impropriety were false. 
It has been a tough 24 hours because my wife and I were blindsided by an article based on a lie supported by innuendo. 
It seems that in the political arena, to say that something is not true is simply not good enough. 
So let me be clear. 
I have never provided alcohol to minors, and I have never engaged in sexual misconduct.  As a father of a daughter and a grandfather of five granddaughters, I condemn the actions of any man who engages in sexual misconduct not just against minors but against any woman.
I also believe that any person who has been abused should feel the liberty to come forward and seek protection.
I know that a lot of people wonder why this story was written.  Why would women say these things if they are not true?  I can't fully answer that because as much as I have disagreed vehemently on political issues with many people over the years, I cannot understand the mentality of using such a dangerous lie to try to personally destroy someone.
As a former Judge and administer of the law, I take the protection of our innocent as one of my most sacred callings.  False allegations are gravely serious and will have a profound consequence on those who are truly harassed or molested.
I strongly urge the Washington Post, and everyone involved, to tell the truth.
That is all we can do, and I trust that the people of Alabama, who know my record after 40 years of public service, will vouch for my character and commitment to the rule of law."

The allegations were made Thursday and have triggered sharp backlash from would-be Republican colleagues on Capitol Hill, who called on Moore to quit the race if the allegations were true.

Moore has called the allegations a political attack, and on Friday, he blamed politicians on both sides.

"This never happened, they know it never happened and obviously you don't wait 40 years to bring up something like this. There are going to come out facts, there will be facts that show in this situation that this was a Democrat, and maybe even the established Republican, efforts to undermine this campaign because they don't want to hear the truth in Washington and they don' want to hear the truth about god and the constitution," Moore said on the Sean Hannity radio show Friday afternoon.

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