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"Dad, I got you:" Dramatic 911 transcripts describe deadly I-10 shooting

A witness took a picture of the scene driving on I-10 East Sunday night. Photo: FOX10 News. A witness took a picture of the scene driving on I-10 East Sunday night. Photo: FOX10 News.

FOX10 News now has the dramatic 911 transcripts from the night Timothy Pinckard was shot and killed on I-10. The deadly encounter happened more than a week ago after a road rage incident in Tillman's Corner, involving the victim's son.

For the first time, we're learning what the shooter and his wife did after the confrontation.

Quite a few people called police that night, including the shooter's wife, Pinckard's son, and the man in the car with Pinckard's son. Under Alabama law, the recordings can only be released to the caller, or if there's a court order. There were seventeen 911 calls in total, most of them from drivers on I-10.

But we don't really need the recordings to tell, things got heated fast, until it all ended tragically with shots fired.

As drivers on I-10 east passed the scene around 5:00 p.m., Sunday November 5th, it was clear, something was terribly wrong. More than ten of them called 911 that night. The callers reported an apparent shooting on the side of the interstate. They all mentioned a guy with a gun, and a person on the ground. A witness snapped a picture of exactly that. Seconds before that, Timothy Pinckard was shot and killed, after a road rage incident that started in Tillman's Corner between his son and the shooter. 

At 4:57 p.m., a friend in the car with Pinckard's son, made the first call to 911. He described how the shooter just assaulted his friend after he cut them off, and that they were now following that man. 

"I was trying to get the cops to know, where he was," he told FOX10 News, in an exclusive interview. (To hear more from his perspective, click here.)

Two minutes later, at 4:59, the shooter's wife called 911 too, and told that operator her side of the story. She began by trying to tell the operator where she was, and that a black Honda was following them. Here is part of her call: 

Caller: "What are we supposed to do?"

911 Operator: "Ma'am, I'm trying to put you through to the Police Department. 

Caller: "This man is following me, what do I do?"

She explained what car she was driving. Her husband was in the car with her.

Caller: "We went to the Shrimp Basket and ate and when we came out of Shrimp Basket, he almost hit us and he started hollering and cussing. And now he started following us and been following us ever since." 

Operator: "Okay. The Police Department has been notified. I'm just waiting on them to pick the line up, okay, but they have been notified. Hang in there."

Caller: Alright. 

Caller: "They are still trying to follow us."

(later) They get on I-10 and told the operator again.

Caller: "He's trying to stop me on the interstate...he's trying to wreck me."

Operator: "Ma'am, y'all are moving now okay, just stay with him. Trying to put you through to the Police Department, we are updating them with this information."

Things escalated after the cars pulled over.

Caller: He's got a gun."

She repeated that four times. She was apparently referring to Pinckard who has pulled behind their vehicle. The call ends after that. 

But another one starts at 5:08. The victim's son called police after shots were fired. His friend, was already on the phone with police when Pinckard was shot in the chest.

"I yelled shots fired about 6 times," said his friend.

As the witness's picture shows, Pinckard's son told the operator he was on the ground, being held at gun point. Here is part of his call:

Caller: (heard in the background) "Yes, I'm stupid and I'm sorry." 

Operator: "Hello, this is 9-1-1. 

Caller: "Hey, yes, I'm on the side of interstate. I've done called in because I was assaulted, my dad just got. This guy he hit me and assaulted me and my dad was following him and he shot him, he shot my dad because he..."

Operator: "Okay sir, where are you right now? You said your father's been shot?"

Caller: "Please help me. He's got a gun on me."

The operator continued to ask where he was. He never answered, begging his dad to stay alive.

Operator: "Hello? Can anyone hear me?"

Caller: "Dad, dad, dad, dad, dad, dad, dad, stay with me, dad, dad, dad, stay with me. Dad, dad, I love you dad, stay with me. Someone help me please."

Operator: "Hello?"

Caller: "...when my dad pulled up, he pulled a gun on him and said no stop and he got out shot him..."

That's when the police get there, and Pinckard's son screamed for officers to help his dad. 

Caller: "It's my dad, it's my dad. Help me please. Hey, officer, officer, officer. This dude right here. Dad."

The call ends...with "Dad, I got you."

Those were some of the last words Pinckard's son said to his dad, and the last call made about the shooting. As that call ended, the investigation started.

Mobile Police Chief Lawrence Battiste told us last week, it appears the shooter acted in self defense. Pinckard's son, he says, should have called police earlier, and let officers handle it.

"He took matters into his own hand, he began to follow the individual and he calls his father who in turn, participated in it," said Battiste.

That's why the shooter hasn't been charged, but he could still face charges related to the original incident in Tillman's Corner. The case has been sent to a grand jury. We're told it may not get in front of a grand jury until next year. 

Battiste tells us there is no video of the events leading up to the shooting, so those calls may be a key part of this case. 

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