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Roy Moore campaign demands accuser's yearbook

The entry in Beverly Young Nelson's yearbook. The entry in Beverly Young Nelson's yearbook.
Roy Moore's signature on Beverly Young Nelson's 1999 divorce document. Roy Moore's signature on Beverly Young Nelson's 1999 divorce document.

The Judge Roy Moore for U.S. Senate Campaign held a news conference Wednesday afternoon in Birmingham.

Attorney Phillip Jauregui said Moore and Beverly Young Nelson, a woman who says Moore sexually assaulted her when she was teen, have had contact since the alleged incident in the late 1970s.

Jauregui said Nelson filed for divorce in the late 1990s, and Moore was over the case and signed a document. 

The news conference centered around the signature on that document, and the signature in Nelson's high school yearbook.

Nelson said Moore signed her yearbook "Roy Moore D.A." in 1977 when she was 16 years old. She had the book with her at the news conference where she made the allegations Monday.

Nelson and her attorney, Gloria Allred, indicated the "D.A." was because Moore was the district attorney, but Moore's attorney says Moore doesn't remember ever signing his name with "D.A." after it. They also said Moore was the assistant district attorney in 1977.

According to Jauregui, Moore remembered seeing "D.A." after his name before. That's because Moore's assistant would stamp Moore's name on documents and then initial it with "D.A." He said that stamp and the assistant's initials were used on Nelson's divorce papers.

Jauregui demanded that Nelson's attorney, Gloria Allred, give the yearbook to a neutral party so a handwriting expert could examine it and determine if it's "genuine, or if it's a fraud."

One noticeable difference between the signature in the yearbook and the one in the divorce document is Moore's middle initial.

Neither Jauregui nor Moore's campaign chair answered questions after the news conference. They also didn't address the other allegations against Moore that were in a Washington Post story.

Gloria Allred released the following statement in response:

Yesterday, I emailed a letter to the Chairs of the United States Senate Judiciary Committee and the United States  Senate Select Committee on Ethics in which I formally requested that those committees conduct a hearing within the next two weeks regarding the accusations made by the five women who alleged that they were victims of Roy Moore when they were teenagers.

My client, Beverly Young Nelson, volunteers to testify under oath at a hearing before these committees regarding what she alleges Roy Moore did to her. 

We also urge the Committees to subpoena Roy Moore to testify under oath about his denials of the accusations made against him.

In the event that either or both Committees agree to conduct our requested hearing, then we would agree to have the original yearbook examined by an independent expert or experts who would obtain exemplars of Mr. Moore’s handwriting during the period in question and compare that handwriting to that contained in the yearbook.

The time has come for Roy Moore to announce whether he is willing to be examined under oath concerning his conduct with regard to the five accusers before the Senate Committees.

We look forward to the Senate’s response.

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