Welcome to the Selma-Dallas County Public Library

There's a place in the heart of Selma that's full of opportunities for both the young and the old.

At the Selma-Dallas County library, everyone is welcome. The library director, Becky Nichols says people love this library because they feel like they own it, and its filled with wonderful opportunities to make life better.

There are lots of things to do, parents can explore with their children, take a GED class, or hop on the computer. Nichols told us what else makes this library so important to the community.

"I think probably because it's just so alive," says Nichols. "This library is alive with people and with families and with events that serve the folks that live here in Selma and Dallas County. And I think that's probably what makes it so special and has for over 100 years. This is a centinnel library."

The library is located on Selma Avenue. The doors are open from nine to five Monday through Friday. Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to come. The only question asked : "Is how can I help you?"