Gov. Ivey reiterates plan to vote for Roy Moore

Gov. Ivey reiterates plan to vote for Roy Moore

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - With the stately, turn-of-the-century governor's mansion as a backdrop, Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey spent part of her Friday afternoon pardoning turkeys, listening to day school children perform songs, and answering questions about the growing firestorm engulfing what should have been a run-of-the-mill U.S. Senate race from a deep red state.

Ivey waited for the children from Riverchase Day School to depart before a throng of local and national media outlets gathered on the mansion lawn could interview her.

The governor's handlers knew questions unrelated to the pardoning of Clyde the turkey were coming but asked that they be held until the end of the event while she answered questions about the pardoning, a historically low unemployment rate, and of news about filling the Jefferson County District Attorney's seat.

Then, she addressed Alabama's Senate race.

Ivey, only the second woman to ever be Alabama's governor, said the allegations against Moore do bother her, and though she thinks the timing was "curious," she has no reason not to believe the women who have come forward.

Those accusers have gone on the record to say GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore pursued them when they were teens and he was in his 30s. One of those women says Moore sexually assaulted her in 1977 when she was 16.

Ivey said Republicans must retain control of the seat and Congress to get important matters passed and then reiterated her intention to vote for Moore on Dec. 12.

Asked if she would possibly change the election date, she said no, that she'd already changed it once.

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