Doug Jones visits Troy, talks Moore, issues

Doug Jones visits Troy, talks Moore, issues

TROY, AL (WSFA) - Doug Jones stopped in Troy Friday afternoon to campaign to his supporters, university students and local business owners.

Jones was escorted by attorney Joel Williams. He began his tour by speaking to a crowd at Williams' law office. He visited with the staff at Byrd Drugs and took questions from the media on the square downtown.

After opting out of speaking on recent allegations against his opponent, Roy Moore, in previous interviews, he called Moore's accusation that the allegations made against him are political attacks "absurd."

"Roy Moore has made absurd comments his entire career," Jones said.

He said there is no reason to not believe the women who have made the allegations.

"As has been said by so many people in his party, there is no reason to disbelieve the statements," Jones said. "The women in Etowah County have far more credibility than his denials."

Jones also responded to Gov. Kay Ivey's announcement that she will vote for Roy Moore to support the Republican Party.

"I think it's pretty sad that anyone would put partisan politics over the good of the state and the good of the country," Jones said.

He called criticism of his stance on abortion a distraction from the allegations his opponent is facing.

"I expect them to do something like that to divert attention from the very serious allegations that he's facing and the very credible statements from the women in Etowah County that are coming out," Jones said. "You expect them to do anything they possibly can to divert attention from the controversy that is surrounding Roy Moore right now."

He said he supports the current abortion laws and the restrictions they implement. He said the decision for a women to abort her child his personal, and he called the "the opposition's" view on abortion "pretty extreme."

"I cannot possibly think of a more intensely personal decision that a woman can make with regard to her pregnancy," Jones said. "I believe the decision she makes should in consultation with her physician, her faith and her family. I do not believe I should be making that decision for her. I dog on don't believe Roy Moore should make that decision for her."

Jones ended his time in Troy by saying he wants Alabama voters to consider the issues that impact them every day. He referenced his views on health care, the economy and jobs.

"I want to make sure we fix a broken health care system," Jones said. "I want to make sure we keep what's working and fix what's not working and do it in a bipartisan way."

He said his focus on the issues makes him confident about the election.

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