A Selma Couple Remembers Craig Field In Action

You might say the word "Selma" is synonymous with "history." Everywhere you turn there is a story to tell, a lesson to learn. That is certainly true of Craig field.. A once-thriving military base used to train fighter pilots, now it is an industrial park filled with memories of days gone by.

Strolling through Craig Field with Jack and Virginia Frost is like literally walking through their memories. Every step is like the turn of a page through the scrap book in their minds. Jack Frost said, "I came here from England in the summer of 1952. It was the hottest summer on record in Selma. I started sweating and I didn't stop until September."

It seems fate married Jack Frost to Selma, Alabama.Virginia Frost worked at Craig Field during that time period. She says, "When I met my husband in 1953 my life changed. Everything we did revolved around the base. Virginia says, "This place is just full of memories." Many of those memories happened at Craig Field, as jack played just about every sport you can imagine. Jack says, "Every squadron had a team. Women would yell at you. I had a good time."

Virginia was working on base in 1978, when Craig Field closed. She says it was a sad time. Her husband had already retired and was working for the U.S. Postal Service. Virginia says the last days of Craig Field were filled with grief and a lot of tears.

But now, the Frosts and many others are hoping these fields of memories may once again become fields of dreams. There are reports that Lockheed Martin could get a contract with the military to train members of the military in Selma again.

Mrs. Frost says when pilots were training at Craig years ago, there was a lot of noise and a few complaints from residents. When it closed, She said, the silence was deafening.

Reporter: Kim Hendrix