Exposing nutrition myths

Exposing nutrition myths

WSFA/NBC - There are so many kinds of diets and fads out there. So how do you know which one is the best for you?

Sometimes it's tough to tell fact from myth. When it comes to eggs many people just eat the egg whites.

"They'll be like I cannot eat those, I only eat the egg whites," said registered dietitian Brittany Link.

Link says the yolk is where the calories are, but you want those calories.

"It's been found that dietary cholesterol, so the cholesterol that you get in an egg yolk doesn't actually affect blood cholesterol." Link says.

When it comes to doing a juice cleanse, she says that's a terrible idea.

"We typically recommend someone has no more than 60 grams of sugar in a day. So just two juices is hitting that cap. These juice cleanses have people drinking five, six, juices in a day so you're going over three times the amount of sugar you want to be consuming." Link says.

It has also been said there are foods like lettuce and celery, that takes so much effort to digest, that they basically equal zero calories. Food experts say that is also a myth.

As in any case if you're going to make a major diet change it's a good idea to check with your doctor or a dietitian.

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