Moore news conference attacks press, ends with no questions taken

Moore news conference attacks press, ends with no questions taken

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Three members of U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore's campaign conducted a news conference Tuesday afternoon to address "recent developments related to the false accusations levied against Judge Roy Moore."

But when Ben DuPré, Dr. Stan Cook, and Dean Young arrived, each took turns blasting Democrats, establishment Republicans, the accusers, and the press. Young referred to those gathered members of the press as "fake news people."

None of the men was willing to answer media questions after the event, with Young telling the media "This is not the Jerry Springer Show."

DuPré, a longtime ally of Moore, said over the last three months The Washington Post, Democrats and establishment Republicans have "waged a three-front war to destroy Judge Roy Moore's character and impeccable reputation..." while the press "is quick to preserve the benefit of the doubt for liberals like Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner, Bob Menendez, and Al Franklin..."

"We're here today to do the job of the press," DuPré stated, focusing his statements on  Leigh Corfman, one of Moore's first accusers. She is on record stating Moore initiated a sexual encounter when she was 14 and he was 32 in 1979.

DuPré said Moore's campaign did "basic research" to "offer the following for consideration," attacking the woman's credibility on multiple issues.

First, he took issue with Corfman's statement about her meeting Moore for the first time at the county courthouse in 1979 and pointed to court documents as evidence that indicate Corfman was there as part of a custody transfer hearing from her mother to her father.

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Second, DuPré said Corfman's claim that her life spiraled out of control after she met Moore aren't true and pointed to the court documents of her parents that said "each of the parties have become increasingly concerned and worried about certain disciplinary and behavioral problems being manifested by their minor child."

Third, DuPré took issue with Corfman's claims she and Moore talked on her phone in her bedroom, stating her mother says she never had a phone in her bedroom.

Fourth, DuPré said Corfman's claim that Moore picked her up around the corner of her house are untrue.

"We have been able to find that Corfman's supposed pickup place was almost a mile away from her mother's house and would have been across a major thoroughfare," DuPré said, offering multiple times to give media outlets the address of the Etowah County Courthouse where the information was obtained.

"If the liberal media were half as interested in investigating these accusations against Judge Moore as they are in scaring up 1980s era false gossip at the Gadsden Mall," DuPré said, "then we would be getting to the bottom of this and moving on..."

Up next was Cook, a campaign spokesman, who reminded the media that in five Moore campaigns "never has there been a time that his character or his integrity has been questioned in any of those political races, and with all of this vetting, why now?"

Cook questioned why Moore has been "attacked so ruthlessly, especially by the media."

Cook focused his statements on another of Moore's accusers, Beverly Nelson, who accused Moore of sexually assaulting her in 1977 when she was 16. He also took on Nelson's attorney, Gloria Allred, as well as an alleged ban of Moore at the Gadsden Mall.

Cook said Allred "has refused" to release Nelson's high school year, which Nelson alleges Moore signed. The Moore campaign contends the yearbook signature is fake and Cook, calling it Allred's "star witness", said it has failed.

"The Moore campaign has unveiled statements from key witnesses that completely counter all details of Beverly Nelson's story," Cook said, offering the statements he says "news media outlets have refused to print."

In closing his statement, Cook pointed at the gathered members of the media and said "You men and women of the media are responsible for the stories and printing the truth. Free press is what we cherish in this country, but not being free with the facts. And I am asking you, I am urging you, I'm imploring you to print and tell the truth."

Young, Moore's chief political strategist, was the last to take to the podium. He addressed Alabamians directly and urged them not to be "tricked" by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, whom he says "has spent over $30 million trying to stop Judge Moore."

"All hell is coming to Alabama against Judge Roy Moore," Young said.

Young then dovetailed into a discussion about Moore's opponent, Democrat Doug Jones, and his positions on abortion, "transgenderites in the military" and other campaign talking points.

"All this Jerry Springer stuff is over," Young said, referring to the media's "ridiculous questions...Judge Moore has answered all the questions. We believe Judge Moore. We don't believe these women. It's just that simple," Young said. "And y'all can keep trotting them out if you want to, but we're not talking about that. We're going to talk about helping Donald Trump..."

Young told the media he wasn't answering any questions and the three walked off, ignoring questions about why they refuse to answer the media's questions.

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