Once boldest Moore advocate, Bannon MIA in Alabama race

Once boldest Moore advocate, Bannon MIA in Alabama race

Associated Press

Conservative firebrand Steve Bannon was once Roy Moore's biggest cheerleader. But since the Alabama Senate candidate has been accused of sexual misconduct, Bannon has pulled a disappearing act, quietly disassociating himself from the man he once held up as a model warrior in his burgeoning anti-establishment movement.

The former White House strategist has no plans to campaign in Alabama before the December 12 election. His public statements have gone from glowing praise of Moore to attacks on Democrat Doug Jones.

The shift reflects the stakes for Bannon.

By backing anti-establishment Moore, Bannon transformed the election into the opening battle against what he sees as the old guard. But accusations against Moore have turned what should have been an easy Republican win into a nail-biter.

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