MPS hopes to have computer system fixed by Friday

MPS hopes to have computer system fixed by Friday
The Montgomery Public School summer feeding program begins Monday for anyone 18-years-old and younger. (Source: WSFA 12 News)

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Montgomery Public Schools Chief Education Officer Reginald Eggleston gave an update Wednesday afternoon on the school district's computer system.

Eggleston said MPS's data has not been impacted and the school system does not believe the virus was released with malicious intent. He said their IT department is working with Microsoft to right the issue and kill the virus and hopes to have all systems operational by Friday.

On Monday, a school district spokesperson said an email over the weekend shut down the district's services. Eggleston says the origin of the virus is still in question, but more than likely the virus came through an email. Eggleston says there is no indication that information has been compromised or shared, but he could not rule it out. He said greater measures are being put in place for better security.

Employees across the district haven't been able to use their computers all week, and employees aren't able to use outside computers to access their email because the email has to be accessed through the MPS system.

Eggleston says school is still in session, with teachers just unable to use the internet as a tool for teaching, taking attendance and recording grades. Eggleston said this will be an adjustment but the teachers have all the tools they need to continue their lessons.

Eggleston said Microsoft does not believe this to be related to the ransomware attack that impacted Montgomery County in September.

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