Editorial: Sexual Predators…Watch Out

Editorial: Sexual Predators…Watch Out

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The question is asked: Why do female accusers of sexual assault wait so long to report it? Why has there been such an increase in the reports lately. I have a theory:

If you think back when numerous women claimed they had been sexually assaulted by Mr. Clinton before and during his presidency and how these women were treated after coming forward?  Mind you these are not the same women who came out and told their stories of their consensual encounters with Bill.   The women claimed to have been sexually assaulted by our former president and were all but scoffed at, threatened and demoralized.  All because Mr. Clinton had supporters including his wife who set out to vilify them.

Who in their right mind would ever report a sex crime involving a powerful person if they knew the result would have them being treated as liars and tramps and publicly humiliated as they were.

Sadly 20 years later this sexual deviant behavior of powerful men against women continues.  But fortunately, someone bravely decided to speak up. Enter Harvey Weinstein, a wealthy and yet despicable man who for years preyed on women…The list continues to grow of his accusers but at last count it sits at 80.  Just this week learned NBC's Matt Lauer is now added to the list.

I feel the true reason women have not reported  these crimes was out of fear of retribution and humiliation. I sense that day has passed. Finally, the ones being accused will get their just due.

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