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Neighbors React To Hearing About Tollbridge Suspect

Horace Taylor lived with his father in Sheridan Heights.  

Officers went there over the weekend. Inside they found signs of a struggle outside neighbors who said they hadn't seen the father for days. Neighbors told police the two had been arguing. This is the first time in four days Mary Young has come back to her house since her next door neighbors disappeared. Ever since she heard the news that police are looking for 39-year old Horace Taylor Jr... she's been afraid.  Neighbor, Mary Moore Young,"I got real scared. I got real scared because see I didn't trust him too much anyway. I got real...ooh I got real scared." Police suspect Taylor robbed this Elmore county toll booth. Surveillance cameras captured a gray Lincoln towncar.

Monday night Birmingham police discovered his father's body in the trunk of that car. The two of them lived in a house in sheridan heights. Neighbors say they overheard loud arguments. Young, says, "I'd be in my bedroom. My bedroom is...see that back window right there. My bedroom is there and their back door is right there and sometimes I could hear the boy cussing at him." They say the father often enjoyed sitting on the swing in front of his house perhaps his only measure of peace.

Young says,"He asked me one day to go to the bank with him and I went to the bank with him. He was so messed up in his business to all his utilities were getting cut off." And when she came home one day... It had happened. "He had my hose pipe running under the fence getting water and I went round to the back and I said what you doing old man. He said I'm stealing some water. I said oh Mr. Taylor you don't have to steal any water. You're welcome to get some water. He said they done come and cut my water off."  But she says he just couldn't seem to do anything about his son's ways. Young says,"He would say that he's sorry, won't work and the reason he don't puit him out is because he don't have anywhere to go. That's what he would say."

Mary Young says she will stay with relatives and will not spend another night in her house until Horace Taylor Jr. is found.  Elmore county authorities say they will issue a warrant for the toll booth robbery Wednesday.  In the meantime Montgomey police press their search for taylor on the murder charge.

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