Editorial: Alabama U.S. Senate election thoughts

Editorial: Alabama U.S. Senate election thoughts

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - So the big election is over and half the voting public in the state is none too happy and the other half is euphoric.

Sadly this election was one of those times where Alabama was once again put in the spotlight for reasons we would rather not be known for.

My take on the matter is that this was not a message against the Republican party but rather a direct and negative response towards the Republican candidate.

There is no doubt the accusations of sexual misconduct made by several women towards Mr. Moore hurt his campaign. Equally damaging was the message from Sen. Richard Shelby who, in an ad purchased by PAC money supporting Doug Jones, stated he would not be voting for Mr. Moore and that he would be writing in a distinguished individual's name.

The write-in votes totaling over 22,000 were also key to Mr. Moore's defeat. I sense most of those writing in would have voted for Roy Moore. Had the majority of them done so, Moore might have won or would have given him enough votes for an automatic recount.

Now Mr. Moore must take the high road and politely concede. Mr. Jones on the other hand has a tremendous amount of work to do. During his campaign he stated that he, and not Mr. Moore, would be able to work with Chuck Schumer and with Mitch McConnell in getting things done in Washington.

Very few if any have been successful in this arena of late. Mr. Jones has two years to prove himself and better do so quickly as the state' Republican party I am sure is already working on grooming their next potential senatorial candidate.

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