Video released of angry bull ramming south AL deputy's SUV

Video released of angry bull ramming south AL deputy's SUV

DALE CO., AL, (WSFA) - Video of a Dale County Sheriff's deputy's patrol vehicle being rammed by a bull is making its rounds on social media.

The incident happened in July, but the video was recently posted online. It's been shared on Facebook over 27,000 times and counting.

Sheriff's Deputy Scott Spurlock says he has responded to calls of escaped bulls before, but the call he got back in July was different.

"Generally you pull up and you can honk your horn or even get out and lead them into a field, or pasture, or gate. This particular day and this particular bull didn't want to be lead anywhere," said Spurlock.

The sheriff's department says they got a call from a woman living on County Road 36 in Ozark about livestock damaging property in her yard. The bull had escaped from his owner's property about a mile away.

"By the time the units responded, sure enough the bull was there and actually pushed the car across the driveway sideways," said Wally Olson, Dale County Sheriff.

The family who lives at the home says the bull damaged two other vehicles on their property.

County Road 36 was shut down for about an hour while deputies on the scene worked to corral the bull, other law enforcement worked to locate the animal's owner, and the bull continued to cause damage.

"We actually tried to box the bull in to where we could control him. He had other plans. He wanted to do what he wanted to do," said Olson.

At one point, the bull took aim at Sheriff's Deputy Spurlock's patrol vehicle – easily lifting the Tahoe off the ground.

"When you pick up the whole front end of a Tahoe, it shows you how strong the bull really was," said Olson.

The video only shows the bull ramming the front of the vehicle, but Spurlock says he also rammed into his bumper.

"He was charging at any and all vehicles," said Spurlock. "I let him continue to hit my vehicle to minimize damage to other property."

Spurlock wasn't injured. He says although it looks pretty dramatic, he wasn't scared.

"It didn't feel as bad as it looks in the video," he said.

His vehicle has since been repaired. The sheriff estimates repairs were in the thousands.

Officials were able to locate the bull's owner and return him, but the animal escaped again and returned to the same house. The family at the home says the bull returned at least three times that day. They believe the animal was trying to get to their cows in their pasture next to the house.

The sheriff says the bull's owner decided to have the bull put down that day. They say the owner did have fencing on the property in order to try to keep the bull from escaping.

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