Alabama mother seeks answers after teen injured during arrest

Alabama mother seeks answers after teen injured during arrest

BRUNDIDGE, AL (WSFA) - An Alabama family is seeking answers as to why their 17-year-old son was injured during an arrest by the Troy Police Department.

On Friday, Angela Williams, Ulysses Wilkerson's mother, released a statement saying she is devastated and horrified at her son's injuries and wants the officers responsible to be held accountable.

"While I am hopeful that the State Bureau of Investigation will uncover the truth, I still call on the community to take a stand against injustices like this," Wilkerson said. "We will not settle until we know the truth behind the brutal beating of my dear son, and until these police officers are held accountable for their crimes."

According to police, officers saw the teen walk from behind a closed downtown business just before midnight on Saturday. Wilkerson allegedly fled on foot as the officers got out of their vehicle.

While being apprehended, police say Wilkerson refused to put his hands behind his back and reached for his waistband, as if reaching for a weapon, which prompted them to use physical force to restrain him.

The family's attorney Ben Crump says the police department still owes the community answers and transparency despite their acknowledgment of an ongoing investigation.

"The State Bureau of Investigation says they are diligently working toward a complete and thorough investigation, but Troy Police still owes the community answers and transparency," Crump said. "Where is the dash cam footage? Where is the body camera footage? Ulysses' family and the community deserve answers."

Family advocate Pastor Kenneth Sharpton Glasgow said there are a lot of rumors floating around in the public and on social media surrounding the incident but the family wants facts.

"We're not particularly interested in all of the rumors in all, we just want the facts," Glasgow said. "None of us know what happened out there,"

Glasgow did give insight into what he says Wilkerson remembers.

"We do know for a fact that Ulysses remembers one thing, a big tall white officer kicking him in the face," Glasgow said

Williams shared a picture of her son's injuries to Facebook Sunday morning. The picture post has since been shared more than 85,000 times.

When asked about Wilkerson's condition, Williams says he remains in pain and is waiting to find out what the doctors are going to do about his eye. According to CNN, Wilkerson's father said his son had brain swelling and a cracked eye socket.

While the SBI says all information surrounding the incident will be released after their investigation is complete, the family is asking the city and police to release any video related to the incident.

"Let us know what really happened out there and be held accountable," Glasgow said.

Wilkerson was charged with resisting arrest and obstruction, both misdemeanors, according to the Troy Police Department.

Troy Mayor Jason A Reeves confirmed Friday that the officer involved in the incident has been placed on leave.

"I thought it was important for the State to review the incident and give an independent assessment of the matter," Reeves said. "I want to stress to our community that we all must let the independent review process take its course and I ask for your patience during the investigation by the SBU. Regarless of the outcome, I want our citizens to know that I will diligently work to make sure the public is informed. I love this City and I am concerned about the welfare of all our citizens."

The Pike County Branch of the NAACP is scheduled to hold a news conference at 4 p.m. on Friday outside the Pike County Courthouse. They are calling for an immediate and comprehensive review of the police department's policies, procedures, practices, and conduct.

A protest is also scheduled to take place Saturday in front of the police department at 11 a.m.

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