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Rock Killough A Hit In Butler County & Around The Nation

His fingers have picked songs hundreds of times. His toes have tapped in sold out stadiums, but Arthur "Rock" Killough's heart has always been in Greenville, Alabama.

Killough says, "You've heard the songs, going to look for something better, realize it is in your own backyard." During his search for something better in the 70's, his music landed on several gold records recorded by some of country music's best.

In the late 90's Sammy Kershaw, a country music singer, benefited from some unexpected quiet time in Rock's life, 90 days in the butler county jail. "In the last 7 weeks I was there, I wrote eleven songs, seven were recorded by major artists."

The dirt roads and highways of Butler County have taken Rock places. "Once I hitchhiked on Highway 31 and had to spend the night in a ditch because no one came by. The next morning after I took a nap and I wrote the song. The song he wrote is called "Highway 31."

These days, Rock Killough still writes songs and still tours, but he says, "I've stopped. I've come home. That is what it is, home!"

Reporter: Kim Hendrix

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