Former Fever stars, friends making impact on Alabama season

Former Fever stars, friends making impact on Alabama season
(Source: WSFA 12 News)

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WSFA) - Three former Fever stars are on the roster at Alabama and their friendship continues to flourish - Carver's Shaun Dion Hamilton and Mack Wilson along with Lee's Henry Ruggs.

All three guys have been huge play makers for the Tide, each understanding what it's like to push through the adversity of injuries as well.

Henry Ruggs, a freshman receiver who leads the team with five receiving touchdowns said, "Well we always had a tight relationship growing up and competing against each other, you know, you make friends like that in the city. You know that whenever you have questions you can go to them because you grew up with them."

Sophomore linebacker Mack Wilson has battled a foot injury all season and has recorded 22 tackles, four quarterback hurries and three interceptions. For him, Shaun Dion Hamilton has always been a role model and even more so now with him being a veteran on the Tide's defense.

"Shaun Dion, we've been growing up since we were little, and I always looked up to him like a role model. He took me under his wings when I came to Carver and stuff like that so that relationship grew even bigger when I came here," said Wilson.

He also had great things to say about his friend and the youngest of the three, Ruggs.

"With Henry Ruggs, he was one of those guys who I used to go watch play. When we were younger he used to play city league football at the Montgomery Chiefs. Him and his brother were really good," said Wilson. "He was one of those guys who I used to like to go see play."

You can catch Henry Ruggs and Mack Wilson in the Sugar Bowl on Monday at 7:45 p.m. on ESPN. Shaun Dion Hamilton still remains out after breaking his patella several weeks ago.

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