Important precautions to take to protect pipes, home from weather

Important precautions to take to protect pipes, home from weather

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Cold weather is on the way, with most of this week's temperatures to be below freezing. The cold temperatures can be dangerous, especially to pipes.

The extended days of freezing temperatures makes the upcoming cold snap more of a danger for potential pipe bursts.

"Every year we always have cold snaps but whenever you have a period of time like that, that's when we really need to worry about it," CJ Dolan, from Dixie Electric, said. "Just take precautions."

Dolan said to make sure you keep your faucets running, which will keep the water moving in the system.

"It's kinda like a creek, if water is moving through the creek you might see chunks of ice, but you don't see the whole thing frozen like on a lake bed," Dolan said.

Dolan said to keep cabinet doors open near pipes. This will keep air flowing down to the pipes and keep them warmer. When it comes to the pipes themselves, Dolan recommends covering up those which are exposed.

"If you are going to be cold out there, so are your pipes," Dolan said. "Anything, just get something on there, keep it protected from harsh weather, harsh winds, things of that nature."

Dolan said to make sure no hoses are attached, which could also cause problem. Dolan also recommends, if you are leaving town, to keep the heater on as if you were still there. It will make sure utilities stay warm while you are gone.

The National Weather Service is telling everyone to remember "the 4 Ps" during cold weather: people, pets, plants and pipes. People should bundle up in layers, pets and plants should come inside, and pipes should be protected.

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