Greenville Courthouse

Even a quick summer thundershower doesn't detract from the gem of downtown Greenville .

The first Butler County courthouse went up in 1822 only three years after Alabama became a state. Today's courthouse came along in 1903…at a whopping $60-thousand.

County commission chairman Jesse McWilliams believes the courthouse is more than a building for folks in Butler County. "This is the focal point of our county.  It's a historic and beautiful building.

Sheriff Dianne Harris has fond memories of growing up in Greenville – working at the Ritz theater. Now, she's one of a handful of female sheriffs in the country. She says she's impressed with the "bigness" of the building, the dome and the clock - which still chimes on the hour.

Butler County 's Probate Judge Steve Norman still loves the sight of the courthouse as he makes the drive to work each day. He believes anyone driving into town is caught up in the sight of the historic old building that stands right in the middle of the main street in town.  "We take a lot of pride in it," says Norman.

These days the courthouse is a lot more comfortable for employees and visitors. The county recently replaced the entire air conditioning and heating system.