AL city's fire department 'drops' rookie to ring in 2018

AL city's fire department 'drops' rookie to ring in 2018

ANNISTON, AL (WSFA) - They drop the glitzy crystal ball in New York City. They drop a giant MoonPie in Mobile.

Around the country, different cities ring in the new year by 'dropping' any number of things. But in the east Alabama city of Anniston, they drop a human being.

That human being, the centerpiece of the Anniston Fire Department's new year celebration, was B-shift rookie Christopher Wilkerson who took center stage, or center fire pole, as colleagues counted him down. It wouldn't have been complete without Auld Lang Syne playing.

Wilkerson, adorned in lights, didn't have the grandeur of a NYC backdrop. Rather, he settled for a descent with a more practical view of what is most likely the fire station lobby in the background. But he owned it, starting around the five second to midnight mark.

And while there weren't millions waiting in anticipation, Wilkerson-Drop 2018 did a respectable job. The video, posted to the station Facebook page, had been viewed more than 155,000 times as of Tuesday morning and had been shared more than 3,000 times.

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