Editorial: Gov. Ivey's Report Card

Editorial: Gov. Ivey's Report Card

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - As the new year has started I wanted to look back at the year Gov. Ivey had. By all accounts it was a good year for her, with the former Gov. Robert Bentley resigning then Lieutenant Governor Ivey took over the office of governor.

Beginning in May of 2016 to date, Gov. Ivey has had what I would consider a pretty good year as the leader of the state. Early on, Ivey was able to boast the lowest unemployment rates the state has ever experienced. Not that she was solely responsible for the results, but if I was in her shoes I would have taken the credit as well. Ivey also endorsed the state's helping the city of Montgomery improve its public-school system and just two weeks ago the governor was giddy with the announcement of the F-35 A which will now be based here in Alabama. All excellent news for the first-time governor. This was huge for the River Region.

Where the governor in my opinion made a serious mistake, and tarnished her record was the continued endorsement of Roy Moore when he was running for Senate. I found it difficult to comprehend how a person, and a woman, could support a candidate who had been accused of alleged sexual misconduct.

Though I believe one is not guilty until proven so, the governor should have withdrawn her support for Mr. Moore until all the details of that situation were determined, even if was after the election.  Roy Moore embarrassed this state and I think the governor needs to ask him to kindly accept the outcome of the election and concede. For the sake of improving our state's reputation and for the kindness of her support  Mr. Moore needs to concede.  Every time Mr. Moore does not get his way he chooses to do what he wants to versus what is right and at least in one instance what was the law.

Let's face it… if Hillary could accept defeat after being upset in an election, so can Roy Moore.

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