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WSFA partners with Service Dogs Alabama, adopts puppy

(Source: Service Dogs Alabama) (Source: Service Dogs Alabama)
(Source: Service Dogs Alabama) (Source: Service Dogs Alabama)
(Source: Service Dogs Alabama) (Source: Service Dogs Alabama)

WSFA 12 News is partnering with Service Dogs Alabama to adopt a puppy!

Much like the TODAY SHOW's puppy, this puppy will make appearances during Alabama Live! and at various WSFA sponsored community events over the next 18 to 24 months. She made her first debut Tuesday during Alabama Live! and WSFA 12 News at Noon.

The puppy is undergoing training to becoming a certified service dog through Service Dogs Alabama. She is a 9-week-old Golden Labradoodle who was graciously donated by Mary Jane Anderson and her Family to Service Dogs Alabama. 

The puppy officially received the name Bailey on Friday. The name was chosen by the viewers during our puppy naming contest.

Look for weekly updates on the puppy’s training on our website, news app, and Instagram, including pictures and the occasional video! 

More About the Puppy:

According to Anderson and her family, the father of the puppy is a poodle named Levi and the mother is a yellow Labrador Retriever named Grace. She is very active and curious and has a very sweet temperament. The family also says she is very affectionate.

More About Dogs Trained Through Service Dogs Alabama:

The officials at Service Dogs Alabama look for focus, focus, intelligence, and characteristics that might be good for certain tasks such as picking things up and fetching- for wheelchair assistance, or toy motivation- for scent training, or nudging to get you to pet it- for autism or PTSD, etc.

Occasionally, generous families donate puppies and young dogs to Service Dogs Alabama. Mostly Service Dogs Alabama rescues homeless dogs from shelters. Every dog has an Individual Training Plan depending on its temperament, tolerance, and talents. Puppies start out with basic commands using positive reinforcement and "observation techniques" which is watching what the dog does and then naming it like say "sit" as soon as the puppy sits on his own. Puppies will typically stay in training one and a half to two years. If a dog starts out at one to 2-years-old, they typically train for six months to one year depending on any previous training, maturity, focus, and tolerance for work, stress, and external distractions.

Francis McGowin, the Executive Director of Service Dogs Alabama says there are over 700,000 people with disabilities in the state of Alabama. Many disabilities such as Type one diabetes and Autism have increased each year by as much as 20 percent among children since 2009. A well-trained service dog promotes safety, independence, and normalcy which allows a person with a disability to reach for their dream and accomplish their goals

To learn more about Service Dogs Alabama or to donate, click this link.

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