Expenses rack up for fans to see favorite team win

Expenses rack up for fans to see favorite team win

ATLANTA, GA. (WSFA) - Being a football fan is expensive no matter what team you cheer for. Factor in ticket prices, merchandise, hotel and transportation costs and the numbers add up pretty fast.

"Several thousand. Yeah it's a lot of money. Just travel, food, lodging, tickets. It's pricey but you know what, it's once a year," said Michael Britton.

Sandy Taylor couldn't even begin to imagine how much money she's spent on Alabama football over the past few years. She's been to the last two national championship games and plans on going to the game on Monday night.

"Ooh ooh I don't know. I try to forget. My husband would kill me," Taylor said.

She says being an Alabama fan is all about saving money throughout the year.

"It's all about justifying and saving money in other ways and playing Christmas to what we hope would be this event," said Taylor.

There are still plenty of tickets available for Monday night's national championship game between Alabama and Georgia but it will cost you a pretty penny. The cheapest ticked found on Saturday was on vividseats.com for roughly $1,300.

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