Camper For Life

In every town Today In Alabama visited on the wsfa 12 tour someone happened to use the phrase "best kept secret." In Greenville it was used to describe Sherling Lake Park. Paul Hamil was Today In Alabama's our tour guide through the park.. He couldn't wait to show off the walking trails, the pier and the lake. Everyone was so friendly at Sherling Lake Park, and they all seemed to know Mr. Hamil. He visited the park after coming from Atlanta for a visit a few years ago, he liked it so much he decided to stay. He says the thought of leaving has never entered his mind.

Mr. Hamil calls Sherling Lake a fisherman's paradise. You'll find plenty of people casting their lines out there on any given day, and there's something for the kids too. While the playground is nice, some say it will soon be even better. The park plans to upgrade it any day now. Sherling Lake Park, a quiet little escape in Greenville.