SEC rivalry divides family ahead of national championship game

SEC rivalry divides family ahead of national championship game
(Source: WSFA 12 News) For the Groover family, sports brings them together.

DOTHAN, AL - Inside the Mercedes-Benz, Stadium will undoubtedly be intense Monday evening for the National Championship game with The University of Alabama facing The University of Georgia. For one family in Dothan, the intensity of the rivalry will play out in their den.

For the Groover family, sports brings them together. "Baseball and softball are big in the household," said Clint Groover.

The game also splits the family right down the middle, "I grew up being a Georgia fan because of my dad. My brother was a Georgia fan when he was younger and somehow got converted," said Avery Groover.

Clint Groover, a University of Georgia grad, has the allegiance of his daughter and Kandy Groover, a lifelong Alabama fan, has her son as an ally.

One game burned into many bBulldogfans’ memory. The intense 2012 SEC championship game, where a tipped pass caught short cost the Georgia team a trip to the BCS National Championship Game. A game Alabama would go on to win. Georgia also lost to Alabama in 2015.

Monday night, Georgia fans hope to settle the score. "We want to win as badly as we can possibly want to win," said Clint Groover.

"I'm excited because Georgia is going to win," said Avery Groover.

Alabama fans have faith in the Nick Saban dynasty, "We're just used to winning. I want us to win. I want a championship," said Kandy Groover.

The family expects tension to be high as the game plays out, "By game time, it's not going to be pleasant around here," said Clint Groover.

And yelling is guaranteed, "I scream some, but nothing like my husband and my daughter," said Kandy Groover, "My husband thinks he has a direct line to Kirby and that he can hear him in his earpiece."

When the clock ticks down to zero at the end of the game, each fan already knows what they'll say should they win, "I'll probably say something like, 'In your face'. It's not going to be something pretty. I can tell you that much," said Colin Groover.

"Go Dawgs. That's the first thing you say. Then you say 'Aww I'm sorry you lost'. I'm a consoler. That's what it is. I'll feel bad for them. I won't rub it in their face much," said Clint Groover.

As for what's on the line, if Alabama wins, the family will get a University of Alabama mailbox for the house. If Georgia wins, the family will display a University of Georgia mailbox.

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