Greenville Hardware

There's a hardware store  in Greenville with a few distinctions. One, it's been in Greenville for over a hundred years. Two, it wasn't always a hardware store, and three, it has a little surprise inside.

When you walk into Greenville Hardware  you get a sense of why it's been here so long. It's definitely a comfort zone with folks all over the place willing to help you find whatever you need for your project at home. In the hundred or so years that the building has been a part of downtown Greenville it's housed a few businesses. At one point it was a bank, which explains why there's a huge vault with a safe inside located in the back of the store.

It's not just any safe, it's one with unique craftsmanship and detail, and it still works. Managers at the hardware store say they use it everyday. There's something else that sets the store apart, the safe is way to big to fit through the door. So you may be wondering how did it get in there? Store managers say they don't know for sure and they haven't tried to move it. There's been some speculation about how much a safe is worth. Managers say they guess it's worth quite a bit, and they often joke about selling it on Ebay. In the meantime, they keep the little safe full of history locked away in downtown Greenville.