Editorial: Election time is time to change

Editorial: Election time is time to change

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - This year is a big year for elections in the state of Alabama. There will be races for The Alabama Supreme Court justices, Chief justice, Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Agriculture commissioner, State Treasurer, State Senate, State House, Secretary of State, Public Service Commissioner, District Judge and the US House of Representatives just for starters.

The Democrats feel like they made some inroads in this traditionally Blue State with Doug Jones winning the Senate race in December. The Republicans have a firm control in most every elected position in the state and are already looking to unseat Mr. Jones, that of course will have to wait for a couple of years.

I ask that all candidates make a concerted effort during this election cycle to take the high road.  Refrain from character bashing, name calling and the like and just focus on the issues.

The issues are simple

The Economy: Tell us how you will make it better.  Schools and education: Tell us your plan on how we can move Alabama off the bottom of the national education lists.  Jobs: What are you planning on doing to get better paying jobs in our state. Unity: What are your plans to bring us together as a state to raise Alabama to new heights.

We have a great state, rich with history and full of great people. What we need now are great leaders to make changes that will better our lives, improve our image outside our borders and making Alabama a better place to live.

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